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Born and raised in Littleton, Colorado (and now 30) veterinarian and singer songwriter, Ross Henderson, quickly gained international attention when a video of him singing and playing his guitar to 'calm an anxious dog' at his family's Fox Hollow Animal Hospital, went viral.


The video became a hit (internationally) and captured the hearts and minds of over 6+ Million people in less than a week (while continuing to win over additional fans every minute).  He's a practicing veterinarian at his family's animal hospital and has always had a love for animals and a strong passion for music. 


He began by playing piano at a very young age and picked up the guitar soon after.  He sings, writes and produces all his own music.


Ross has had the privilege of getting exposed to various music cultures by playing private shows in Colorado as well as internationally when he spent four years living in in Edinburgh, Scotland.


Ross is a consummate performer, loves to engage the crowd and has a fun sense a humor that often comes out in his music, videos, in person and on stage.


His song "Slip Away" is a light-hearted, homage to the influence that animals have had in his life and how they continue to give to us more than we could ever give back to them.  Ross is equally capable of catching the heartfelt depths of relationships with songs such as, "Work of Art."  Whereas "No Sympathy" explores the roots of Ross's obsession with soulful blues in a narrative of a man who is self-consumed.  "Real for You" is his nod to his piano-inspired roots and courting the love of his life.



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